Southwest Interior Design Looks are Trending Light, Bright, and Airy

Times are changing, and Changes Interior Design is changing with them. Online shopping takes a lot of the leg work out of looking for the right piece of furniture, accessory and lighting. We are partnered with all the major online companies such as Wayfair, Hayneedle, Josh and Main and so many others, so we can shop quickly and efficiently. We encourage our clients to scour the internet along with us keeping price

Another alternative is porcelain tile wood look. It has become a popular choice, but you still have to contend with the grout and if the foundation cracks so does your tile. The use of Houzz and Pinterest have been great tools in allowing clients to imagine their dreams, as well as allowing us to interpret, communicate and most of all show visual concepts. These two major sites have been a God-send to  most  clients  and have ommitted the need

transparency and giving them an opportunity to see the overwhelming selection of items available. There are trends on the horizon and Changes is aware of them. Some colors that are appearing are fully saturated colors such as oranges, reds, greens, blues. Of course, the whites and neutrals are here to stay for a while. Tribal, organic and texture are always a favorite of the Southwest. Light and bright and airy is what\'s happening, gone are the dark and dreary cave dungeon homes. Wood flooring, while beautiful, it is hard to maintain in Arizona because of all the small gravel that gets stuck in the soles of our shoes, and pet owners areespecially fearful of scratches from the nail claws of their dogs. A great choice for the look and warmth of wood is a vinyl composite floor that looks like wood and feels like wood but does not scratch like wood.

Lux-scaled copy

to buy countless magazines to find the perfect picture. They allow us to make a note book and share pictures back and forth so nothing is lost in translation. My number one objective is to create a home that is a reflection of my client rather than myself, but making sure the environment is aesthetically pleasing, professional, sophisticated, warm and welcoming. I pride myself on not repeating my design work, making every house unique to the homeowner, not to follow trends but to stay current and true with style. I not only enjoy what I do but it is a passion that I was born with. Every job I undertake is a labor of love and I am committed to the end. It is always my pleasure to meet new people, fulfill their dreams, and in the end become friends for a life time.

Sincerely, Michelle Robertson
Owner Changes Interior Design LLC